McMurdo Master Plan 2.1--a work in progress and progressing

December 2015 version of the McMurdo master plan
Looking image of the station from the December 2015 master plan

The original master plan concept was significantly revised, fleshed out, and reissued (version 2.0) in December 2014, and a further major revision (version 2.1) was issued in December 2015.

the current site plan
The McMurdo station map showing the new, existing, and remodeled structures overlaying the current site plan

The current plan maintains the existing power/water/sewer plants, VMF, Crary lab, an expanded/remodeled/renamed SSC (presumably to be renamed as the IT&C Primary Operations Facility), and the uppercase (206-209) dorms. Unlike the original master plan, the current version does not include any berthing in the new central building; rather, it adds two new uppercase dorms on either side of the existing ones (the existing ones would be rebuilt/remodeled using the existing steel structure if possible. The rooms would be singles or doubles, but presumably all would have windows, unlike the original master plan which included many windowed and windowless berthing rooms in the central structure. This plan also further consolidates and connects the station support facilities as compared to the original plan...thus further reducing the station footprint and facilitating inside passages to the shop and cargo facilities. The new central services building (food/offices/NSF), shops/cargo, and recreation/fire/dispensary structures would be built around the existing Building 155 so as to allow construction to be completed before 155 goes away.

The master plan document, at 117 pages, several times larger than the original 22-page "coffee table report," includes significant detailed graphics, descriptions, and tables addressing the various issues--utilities, fire safety, waste handling, personnel flow diagrams. It does not bear the imprint of OZ Architecture, the firm which created the original plan...but undoubtedly OZ input was a major consideration in the plan revisions. So, without further ado, you must check out the master plan page, which includes an impressive video about the master plan. And of course, check out all of the details in the master plan itself.

The Future USAP website was significantly updated in January 2017, confirming the USAP commitment to this master plan.

Next...the first actual bit of construction in support of the master plan--additions and renovations to the Science Support Center (SSC).